Where it all began…

Voices In Praise was founded in January 2017, by Aundrea Nyle. Aundrea was given the opportunity to go and sing in Congo for Mohammed Ali’s Rumble in the jungle anniversary and was asked to be a support act for An a listed artist. Aundrea was delighted to take this opportunity but did not have a team of singers she could take with her, to accompany her on this amazing experience.

So Auditions were held to put together a dynamic team of singers. Initially, Aundrea was looking for 4 Singer but It was very hard to narrow the group down to just 4. Aundrea was able to narrow it down to 2 men and 6 ladies of different ages, and from various walks of life. Time was of the essence so rehearsals began immediately. The rehearsals consisted of vocal warm-ups and learning a new song each week. In addition to the amazing singers, Aundrea was lucky enough to also have some very talented musicians attending their rehearsals.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the event had to be postponed. And Aundrea was left with the tough decision to disband the group. After some careful consideration, Aundrea made the decision to present the group members with the option to continue in the group.
Though this was disheartening for Aundrea and the team, they did not let it stop them, they continued with their weekly rehearsals and hard work which did not go in vain as they were invited to sing at a number of events in the meantime.

Practices consisted of learning songs that were written by Aundrea and a few covers of some well-known gospel artists. One of the songs being “One Voice” Aundrea now debut Single. Along with VIP Aundrea performed this song and it was so well received that it was decided to go to record “OneVoice” with V.I.P. Aundrea nephew heard the song and the plan to record and took the action to book and pay for a recording session this was definitely a welcomed miracle blessing. So on January 6th, 2018, only a year after the coming together of the group, they were in the studio recording their first single. This saw the beginning of the journey to the debut single launch. “One Voice”, which has already been a blessing to so many people.

Voices In Praise started from a big opportunity that didn’t happen but Aundrea believes it was Gods way of setting her up to go after the vision that He had placed on her heart many years beforehand. Now Aundrea is blessed to have an extension to her family called “Voices In Praise” A.K.A, V.I.P. The journey is just beginning so watch this space.

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